Maritime Booster: "now with efficient energy label A pump"

The Maritime Booster® is far ahead of its time. All Maritime Booster® models are provided with a modulating and certified energy label A pump. This pump ensures a reduction in energy consumption and generates benefits for the environment.

The Maritime Booster® is one of the first heating systems which already passes the amplified energy legislation which takes effect in 2015.

The Maritime Booster® is one of the most modern and economical oil-fired heating systems on the market because of its innovative design. This heating boiler can be delivered in both a “solo”- (central heating only) and a “combi” version (central heating and hot water).

Maritime Booster Solo version Maritime Booster Combi version
Micro II 9,5 kW Micro combi II *2,7 ltr./min maritime-booster-modellen
Mini II 17,0 kW Mini combi II  *4,9 ltr./min

MB-1 II 25,7 kW MB-1 combi II  *7,4 ltr./min

*the number of litres per minute that we can increase with 50⁰C demand.

The Maritime Booster® is the ultimate oil-fired heating boiler for continuous use and it is the only boiler that has a CE quality label for the combination of boiler and burner. This is highly exceptional because only the combination of boiler and burner with this label can be called CE certified. The Maritime Booster® is supplied with a room thermostat, oil filter, floco top and efficient energy label A pump. Maintenance and service are simple and all the components of the Maritime Booster are available worldwide. The Maritime Booster®, due to its dimensions, is the smallest oil-fired heating system in each type of capacity.