The Maritime Booster® is a professional oil-fired heating boiler that does not need a silencer.

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If you want to discover how this boiler works then you can play the following movie. The exhaust gases are forced to take a long path through the exhaust chambers and therefore the speed of the gases will slow down. This results in reduced noise and makes a silencer unnecessary.

When you have seen the movie where the exhaust gases take a long path through the exhaust chambers, make sure you see the following movie as well.

The combustion chamber is characterised with a wide heating surface. The water will not only be heated by this specific surface but runs also between the diverse exhaust gas chambers.

Click here to know more about the production process and the Maritime Booster®. The Maritime Booster® is available in three different models: the Micro, Mini and MB1.

Advantages of the Maritime Booster®

  • The Maritime Booster® due to its dimensions is the smallest oil-fired heating system in each type of capacity.

  • No silencer is needed.

  • Easy to service.

  • The Maritime Booster® makes no use of electronics that are sensitive to unstable voltage.

  • The Maritime Booster® has a CE quality label for the combination of boiler and burner

  • Holland Warmte has over 50 years of experience in central heating systems

  • Holland Warmte rents oil-fired systems to the largest companies in the Netherlands and has done so for over 40 years.

  • The experience of our organisation and mechanics guarantee a professional service to unexpected problems.

  • The Maritime Booster® is built with components which are available worldwide.