The Maritime Booster® is one of the most modern and economical oil-fired heating systems on the market because of its innovative design. Within the unique interior of the boiler, the combustion of the atomized oil and heat transfer to the water takes place. The steel housing and the retarders in the combustion chamber ensure a quick and efficient heating process.

Steel housing

The steel housing encloses the insulation perfectly. All components of the Maritime Booster® are processed and welded with the greatest precision. The steel material is treated carefully and heated to 200ºC to get the best epoxy-, polyester paint to protect the boiler in a more aggressive environment. The panel is simple and solid.


The oil burner of the Maritime Booster® is specially designed and has a casing in the same colour as the boiler itself. The Maritime Booster® comes standard with an oil heater which ensures optimal combustion.