Product information


The Maritime Booster® is a professional oil-fired heating boiler that does not need a silencer.

Exhaust gases

If you want to discover how this boiler works then you can play the following movie. The exhaust gases are forced to take a long path through the exhaust chambers and therefore the speed of the gases will slow down. This results in reduced noise and makes a silencer unnecessary.

Exhaust gases

Water flow

The combustion chamber is characterised with a wide heating surface. The water will not only be heated by this specific surface but runs also between the diverse exhaust gas chambers.

Water flow

Our little Giant

Suitable for

Yachts up to 14 meters

  • Micro Combi
  • € 3.385,97 excl. VAT
  • € 4.097,02 incl. VAT


The great thing about these little giants is that they can be fully customised to your requirements. The following options are available on request:

  • Adapter for connection to radiators, floor heating and convectors;
  • Combi control with process heat exchanger for hot water, heating up to 50°C;
  • Boiler regulator for the heating of a hot water stock;
  • Extra process heat exchanger to make practical use of the engine´s heat;
  • Switch to utilize the water chiller system in order to achieve a correct temperature in the living quarters.