Maintenance and Service

Service contracts

Holland Warmte provides a sound maintenance and service for the Maritime Booster®. We have decades of experience in maintenance and service contracts for heating systems and oil-fired installations. The long experience of our organization and mechanics guarantee a professional service to unexpected problems.

Holland Warmte offers two unique service contracts for the Maritime Booster®.

MB All-in servicecontract

  • Boiler and burner are cleaned annually

  • Re-adjustment of the burner

  • The circulation pump, control panel and expansion tank are checked for proper operation

  • Replacement of the oil filter

  • The drainage of the exhaust gases are checked

MB Unique contract

With the clear manual, which comes as standard with the Maritime Booster®, each barge captain can easily swap a burner in a simple manner in the case of a failing burner. The failing burner can be sent to the headquarters in Numansdorp. Any required components will be packed in a special transport box by Holland Warmte to the barge. This box contains a new burner and a circulation pump. The failing burner will be repaired, adjusted and tested for free. Within several days, the burner will be sent back to the address provided, along with a test certificate.