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The Maritime Booster® is a professional oil-fired heating boiler that does not need a silencer.

Exhaust gases

If you want to discover how this boiler works then you can play the following movie. The exhaust gases are forced to take a long path through the exhaust chambers and therefore the speed of the gases will slow down. This results in reduced noise and makes a silencer unnecessary.

Exhaust gases

Water flow

The combustion chamber is characterised with a wide heating surface. The water will not only be heated by this specific surface but runs also between the diverse exhaust gas chambers.

Water flow

Our little Giant

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Yachts up to 14 meters

  • Micro Combi
  • € 3.385,97 excl. BTW
  • € 4.097,02 incl. BTW


The great thing about these little giants is that they can be fully customised to your requirements. The following options are available on request:

  • Adapter for connection to radiators, floor heating and convectors;
  • Combi control with process heat exchanger for hot water, heating up to 50°C;
  • Boiler regulator for the heating of a hot water stock;
  • Extra process heat exchanger to make practical use of the engine´s heat;
  • Switch to utilize the water chiller system in order to achieve a correct temperature in the living quarters.


  • The Maritime Booster® due to its dimensions is the smallest oil-fired heating system

  • No silencer is needed

  • Easy to service

  • The Maritime Booster® makes no use of electronics that are sensitive to unstable voltage

  • CE quality label for the combination of boiler and burner

  • The Maritime Booster® is built with components which are available worldwide

The Maritime Booster® is one of the most modern and economical oil-fired heating systems on the market because of its innovative design. Within the unique interior of the boiler, the combustion of the atomized oil and heat transfer to the water takes place. The steel housing and the retarders in the combustion chamber ensure a quick and efficient heating process.

Steel housing

The steel housing encloses the insulation perfectly. All components of the Maritime Booster® are processed and welded with the greatest precision. The steel material is treated carefully and heated to 200ºC to get the best epoxy-, polyester paint to protect the boiler in a more aggressive environment. The panel is simple and solid.


The oil burner of the Maritime Booster® is specially designed and has a casing in the same colour as the boiler itself. The Maritime Booster® comes standard with an oil heater which ensures optimal combustion.

A major advantage of the Maritime Booster® is the short time of heating up. The combustion chamber has an unique process heat exchanger of stainless steel. The ultra-responsive exchanger quickly provides plenty of hot water at the desired temperature.

A small water reservoir is the perfect solution in order to prevent the legionella bacterium. The Maritime Booster® has a hot water capacity of only 0,2 litres. This in comparison to a hot water reservoir with a capacity of 40 litres. This respectively means that with a supply of 5 litre per minute it will take 8 minutes to finally flush the reservoir of 40 litres. The Maritime Booster® however provides continuous hot water within 2.4 seconds.


The Maritime Booster® requires an output of 190 watts when it is in operation. When the Maritime Booster® runs on 24 volt through an sine wave inverter, it draws 6,77 amp in one hour. The Maritime Booster® comes standard with an 230 volt version. It is a misconception that 24 volt consumes less than 230 volt. A circulation pump and a burner can also supply power with 24 volt. The only loss – of less than 6% – is because of the inverter. This inverter is needed in order to bridge from 24 volt to 230 volt.

A disadvantage of a 24 volt burner is that the burner, at a low voltage of 20 to 22, remains burning. When the heating system continues to burn at a low voltage, there is no balance anymore between air and oil because the turning speed of the motor varies. The consequence is that the heating system will soot and break down. This is why we recommend a sine wave inverter. An inverter will give a signal in case of a low voltage and will cut out of operation until the danger is past.

All Maritime Booster® models are provided with a modulating and certified energy label A pump. This pump ensures a reduction in energy consumption and generates benefits for the environment. This pump delivers a saving up to 30% in comparison to the traditional circulation pump.


The rule of thumb for oil use is that 10kW is generated per litre of oil. Based on this rule, an example will be given with a Maritime Booster® Micro (9,5 kW). In this case the outside temperature is -10ºC and the inside temperature is requested at 20ºC, the Maritime Booster® will have to bridge a difference of 30ºC. In this situation, the Maritime Booster® will have to use all its power and thus it needs one litre of oil per hour. As the average temperature in the Netherlands is 10 ºC, the temperature difference is only 10 ºC to reach the desired 20 ºC. Therefore only 0.33 litres of oil will be consumed.