Maritime Booster.

The smallest professional oil-fired heating boiler in the world.

Maritime Booster

Maritime Booster®

The Maritime Booster® has been developed by the specialists of Holland Warmte with over 50 years of experience in the field of heating systems and oil fired central heating boilers. The Maritime Booster® is built with standard components which are available worldwide. This boiler has an unique design and is equipped with diverse practical details which make the Maritime Booster® easy to service.

Product information

The Maritime Booster® is one of the most modern and economical oil-fired heating systems on the market because of its innovative design. The Maritime Booster® is available in a number of models according to your requirements regarding hot water and heating comfort.

Product information
Quality guarantee

The Maritime Booster® has a CE quality label for the combination of boiler and burner. This is highly exceptional because only the combination of boiler and burner with this label can be CE certified. Did you know that products without CE quality label may not be traded on the European market?

In short, these little giants are unique, efficient and compact. We would like to welcome you to our headquarters in Numansdorp, the Netherlands, where you can see the Maritime Booster® in operation.

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